New Product Launch – ‘HIVE’

New Arrival




Raised bed planter to suit any height. Available in Mini (2 layer) Midi (3 layer)
& Maxi (4 layer) with or without castors – easy to move around the garden.

Light weight for Roof Gardens, compact for urban Courtyards and Patios.
The interlocking design inspired by a classic Beehive – made of separate layers.

Makes a stunning planter with scented flowers to attract Bees and Butterflies.
Perfect size for a standard Grow Bag – ideal for Herbs, Tomatoes & Strawberries.

Environmentally friendly. Made from 100% recycled Granite & Fibre reinforced S.C.M.
(supplementary cementitious material)
Rot proof with earth/compost situated in top layer and come with its own drip tray.

For Urban Gardens – Available with TioCem.
High Tech cement, which decomposes air pollutants by photocatalytic reaction.

TioCem provides the chance to considerably improve the quality of life in our cities in the near future!
HIVE Mini (2 layer) £195.00 ex-works  HIVE Midi (3 layer) £265.00 ex-works
SPECIAL AUGUST OFFERHIVE Midi (3 layer) £195.00 each (ex-works)

List price £265.00 ex-works – Carriage price on request

HIVE Maxi (4 layer) £325.00 ex-worksSpecial ‘Grow Bag for Life’ & Optional Castors – Price on request

Holes provided for low cost Bamboo Canes to support growing climbers.
Easily assembled with twine or wire to make framework.


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