Divine – Golden Ratio Antique Cotswold Limestone

The first Divine texture launched was Antique Cotswold Limestone, in its natural form unsuitable for exterior use; but in the unique Organicstone Engineered stone material can be used for both interior and exterior use. With 25 individual stone surfaces, rarely found in such large pieces, the large format size of 809x500x25mm, make Divine Antique Cotswold perfect to create a continuous material – from Kitchen to Garden. The 25mm depth is also perfect for under floor heating in internal applications and have an advantage of the size and weight for handling.


architectural flagstones with divine proportions Antique Cotswold 809x500x25mm

Organicstone - Atelier - Divine - Antique Cotswold Limestone - Golden Ratio Flagstones - Engineered Stone Flooring

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